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Customer Service

Kenmore Aero Services couples the expected services of a seasoned FBO with an unexpected level of care. As passionate supporters of both general aviation and business aviation, Kenmore Aero Services offers both the lowest price on Avgas at Boeing Field for general aviation enthusiast, and bespoke concierge-level services for business aviation travelers. Our facility is newly renovated and offers relaxing common areas, Wi-Fi, and amenities designed to elevate your experience.

Enthusiastic attention to
detail and a genuine care abounds when you visit our FBO.

Let us make catering, hotel, rental car or limousine transportation reservations for you. We can also recommend a nearby restaurant, or help you plan a visit to the area. After all; we don't just work here in Seattle, we live here too.

Aircraft Services

Kenmore Aero Services can accommodate any and all aviation ground services your aircraft may require, including fueling, overnight parking or hangar space. Ancillary ground services such as lavatory service, potable water, ground power, oxygen or nitrogen services, oil, cargo loading, and the international arrival handling are among our many offerings. Further, with our local vendor relationships, we can help with the unexpected, such as unscheduled maintenance or aircraft detailing.

With ample ramp space regardless of your aircraft’s size, Kenmore Aero Services offers a safe parking environment for your most valuable asset. And, while Seattle is sometimes synonymous with rain, Kenmore Aero Services offers transient hangar space to help keep you and your aircraft out of the elements. Both professional and experienced, our NATA Safety 1st trained line team handle each aircraft as if it were their own. Your aircraft will thank you for choosing Kenmore Aero Services.



Cargo Operations

As the only FBO at Boeing Field specializing in cargo operations, Kenmore Aero Services is your preferred ground service partner. From oversized cargo to palletized freight, be it single aisle or wide body, we coordinate your cargo movement with specialized equipment and well trained employees. From a forklift to a K-loader, be it midafternoon or well after midnight, we are your trusted FBO at Boeing Field.

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