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Our Team

Kenmore Aero Services’ team shares a common passion for aviation, and genuine care for serving others.

Scott Helms

General Manager

An FBO industry veteran, Scott Helms brings some 20 years’ experience to Kenmore Aero Services. Mr. Helms began his career “as a kid” in Eastern Washington, fueling crop dusters and aerial firefighting aircraft (Air Tankers). His travels brought him to Seattle, WA where he worked as a Line Service Supervisor and later Line Service Sales Manager at Galvin Flying Services- then one of the oldest and most respected FBOs in the country. During his tenure at Galvin, Mr. Helms was named the Number 4 Best Line Service Tech in the Professional Pilot Magazine PRASE Survey. Later, Mr. Helms held the role of Customer Service Manager for successor FBO to Galvin- Landmark Aviation at BFI- before relocating to Houston, TX to become General Manager at Million Air. Through his customer-centric approach to management, Mr. Helms again earned praise from the readership of Professional Pilot Magazine who named his Million Air location the Number 7 FBO in the nation. Mr. Helms subsequently returned to Seattle in 2017 to head Kenmore Aero Service’s FBO leadership team. In addition to his degrees in Air Traffic Control and Airline Dispatch, Mr. Helms is also a licensed pilot.

Contact Scott: shelms@kenmorefbo.com

Ashley Folk

Customer Service Manager

Voted as one of the nation’s best in the business by Professional Pilot Magazine, Ashely Folk’s FBO industry pedigree is outstanding. A career customer service veteran, Ms. Folk has nearly 15 years of FBO experience, beginning in the very front door of the FBO industry, as a Customer Service Representative with Galvin Flying Services in 2004. Later promoted to Customer Service Supervisor, Ms. Folk went on to become Customer Service Manager of successor FBO to Galvin, Landmark Aviation BFI. As part of her role with Landmark, Ms. Folk was part of the transition team members for FBO integrations, and ultimately continued with successor FBO to Landmark- Signature Flight Support at BFI- before joining Kenmore Aero in 2017. In addition to her role as Customer Service Manager, Ms. Folk acts as Assistant General Manager for Kenmore Aero Services, assuring business continuity for its FBO clients.

Contact Ashley: afolk@kenmorefbo.com

Colby Goodrich

Operations Manager

From the ramp to the front desk, Colby Goodrich epitomizes the calm and collected nature of a seasoned line supervisor. After working as a customer service representative and later turn around coordinator for airlines including British Airways, Lufthansa and Condor Airlines, Mr. Goodrich transitioned from Part 121 ground operations to private and business aviation in 2016. Mr. Goodrich is leading Kenmore Aero’s IS-BAH certification efforts, and is the FAR 139.321 Fire Safety and Fuel Quality Control Supervisor for the company. A mentor to other employees and the first point of contact on the ramp for pilots and passengers, Mr. Goodrich exemplifies Kenmore’s standard of excellence.

Contact Colby: cgoodrich@kenmorefbo.com

Anna Velychko

Lead Customer Service Representative

Fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian, Anna Velychko is Kenmore Aero Services’ Lead Customer Service Representative. Along with Ashley Folk and Max Weber, Ms. Velychko rounds out the customer service management team at Kenmore Aero, assuring the highest level of personalized attention provided to Kenmore’s FBO clients. Building upon her unparalleled work ethic and customer service background that includes Armani, Ms. Velychko is entering her third year in the FBO industry.

Contact Anna: GVelychko@kenmorefbo.com

Michael Luigs


A graduate of the University of North Dakota, an accomplished aviator and an active line pilot for sister companies Kenmore Air Harbor and Kenmore Air Express, Michael Luigs is the President of Kenmore Aero Services. Mr. Luigs, who holds multiple commercial ratings including helicopter and seaplane, grew up in an aviation family, having learned to fly from his dad. To be sure, his father today is one of the very few members of the unofficial “Flying Octogenarians Club.” In addition to his overwhelming passion for aviation, Mr. Luigs is an accomplished business owner, entrepreneur and land conservationist, having founded and “Land, Water, Sky” a Texas-based real estate firm specializing in large parcel ranch sales as well as sustainable conservation easements.

Contact Michael: luigs@kenmorefbo.com

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