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Sister company to Kenmore Aero Services, Kenmore Air has been “doing the right thing”, a business philosophy imparted by one of Kenmore’s founders, Bob Munro, since 1946. The implication of Munro’s viewpoint is echoed by Kenmore’s continued expansion and success in the aviation industry, most recently with its entrance into the FBO community. From a single airplane and hangar, to one of the largest seaplane operations in the world, Kenmore has crafted a business model that has been maintained as efficiently as its aircraft.

Kenmore Air has been "doing the
right thing" since 1946.

Maintaining the Machine

In 1944, Munro, along with fellow Pan Am mechanic, Reg Collins, rebuilt an Aeronca K floatplane with the intention of entering the aircraft maintenance business. Jack Mines, a pilot and friend of the two mechanics, suggested adding flight instruction and charter to their operation thus prompting the inception of Kenmore Air in 1946.

During the 1940's and 1950's, Kenmore was a dealer for both Seabee and Cessna aircraft before furthering expansion with the inclusion of a new office building and hangar. In 1963, Kenmore acquired its first de Havilland Beaver which marked the beginning of an association with an airframe that has defined the Kenmore image to date. Otter Air and Lake Union Air, two airlines, were acquired by Kenmore in the 1980's bringing along a seaplane terminal on Lake Union with the latter.

Boeing Field

Kenmore's entrance into the FBO market serves as a natural extension of its foundations into the general aviation community. In 2016, Kenmore Air Express, LLC partnered with Astin Aviation and Acme Aviation Investments to acquire Aeroflight Executive Services at Boeing Field. The FBO, since renovated and renamed Kenmore Aero Services serves to further magnify Kenmore's offerings and presence in the Seattle area. With its aviation community top of mind, Kenmore Aero Services offers the lowest avgas prices at Boeing Field, and its outreach to the community has already been felt by local pilot associations, youth programs and charitable organizations.

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