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Kenmore Aero Services is asking for your support at a critical time in our history. The time has come for the lease renewal of our FBO. Since opening, Kenmore Aero Services has become a beacon of support for light General Aviation at Boeing Field, at a time when many others are trying to push GA off the field. We are committed as an organization to provide viable space for GA aircraft, extremely well priced 100LL fuel today and in the future, and genuine, caring service. That outstanding customer service is offered to any and all who walk through our doors or park on our ramp. From a Cessna to a Citation, we hope that when you depart, you leave feeling like you’re part of our Kenmore family.

We see GA as the lifeblood of future aviation as historical sources of aviation interest are dwindling. Kenmore Aero Services is taking an active role to provide opportunities to those interested in aviation, from school aged children to uplifting local clubs and national groups with our support.

Given the crucial time pressure, here is how you can help. Please write below in your own words on any number of topics, including:

  • Your experience with Kenmore Aero Services’ unique level of service
  • Share your desires to have us remain as your FBO at Boeing Field
  • Share how you feel the support for GA at Boeing Field is so critical for the support of the future of aviation
  • Voice your support for an independent, local business instead of a corporate chain

Since 1946, the Kenmore family of companies have been in business, doing the right thing. We intend to continue our long standing tradition of supporting our community, championing aviation in all forms and providing for our customers and employees in the unique, family driven model we have followed for decades.

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