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Community Giving

While many organizations speak about community involvement or giving, Kenmore Aero Services is intimately involved at every level in our local aviation community. For us, general aviation is the backbone of the entire aviation industry. Without it, the rest of the industry simply doesn’t exist. Pilots, mechanics and others get started in aviation- and foster a love of aviation- beginning with light aircraft. We did too; our entire management team is comprised of pilots. We never forget our roots, encourage others to do the same, and constantly give back to our community.

We have embarked upon creating our own 501(C)3, with the specific objective of getting youth involved in aviation through building and flying light aircraft. A dedicated youth learning center is under construction on our FBO campus, and will house a kit aircraft for local youth to learn teamwork and leadership through a STEM-inspired educational program, the application being aircraft manufacturing. Our other community outreach initiatives include our involvement and giving to the Museum of Flight, Raisbeck Aviation High School,  local EAA Chapters, and the Washington Pilots Association.