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Kenmore Aero Services hosts Open House

Today marked a historic event at Kenmore Aero Services based at King County International Airport (Boeing Field). An open house was hosted today with the goal to introduce the latest Fixed Base Operator (FBO) to every pilot, first officer, private pilot or enthusiast in the local aviation community and their families. Planned for the day were a number of announcements, tours and presentations, and attendees at large mentioned how incredible it was to have such an amazing production at an airport that doesn’t ‘have events like this’.

The morning started with a hearty pancake breakfast with local greek yogurt from Ellenos (based in Georgetown) along with a full array of bacon, sausage, fruit and juice. As you can imagine, the coffee pot was flowing all day to accommodate thirsty pilots. As the day rolled into lunch time, cargo carrier Lynden Cargo was gracious in providing one of their C-130 aircraft for pictures and tours. Kenmore Air Express parked a Cessna Caravan for all to see, tour and even snap a photo in the pilot’s seat. The ramp started filling with every type of plane from a Kitfox to Warriors, from a set of three Bonanzas who made a beautiful formation flyby and landing to a wide variety of planes from the local Facebook group, Flights Above the Pacific Northwest (FATPNW).

Open House - Lunch in the hangar

Mike Luigs speaks about Kenmore Aero Services and the importance that the aviation community plays.

Lunch was served mid-day, opened with a speech from Mike Luigs, President of Kenmore Aero Services. Mr. Luigs highlighted the community outreach effort that was underway, ensuring that the General Aviation community (GA) would continue to be supported here at Boeing Field. Luigs made a series of donations to the following groups to continue that inclusion effort in the interest of enriching the community and contributing to agencies that provide for or thrive from the GA community. The groups receiving donations were FATPNW, Washington Pilots Assoc. (WPA), Experimental Aircraft Assoc. (EAA), and Angel Flight West. Also included was a brief description of the formation of a non-profit 501c3 organization to include high school aged children in a kit built airplane at the Kenmore Aero facilities. As the speech wrapped up, the band started playing again. The band The Feral Cats (who can be found on Facebook or most weekends at The Hub at the Tacoma Airport) played a great mix of classic rock and memorable hits throughout the day, keeping the energy high and the crowd engaged.

Brice speaks about FATPNW and the future vision for the group.

Brice Van Baren, Founder of Flights Above the Pacific Northwest group on Facebook gives a speech at the Kenmore Aero Services Open House event.

To continue with the community enrichment, attendees had a chance to hear a presentation from the founder of FATPNW, Brice Van Baren, as he recounted the formation of the group, the benefit it has brought to the community so far, and the future goals. Children of all ages enjoyed the soft serve ice cream and cotton candy provided by Aviator Flight Services and the bounce house provided by Kenmore Aero Services. Plane tours, photo opportunities and facility walk-throughs allowed everyone to get a taste of the new partner to GA and Corporate operations alike, Kenmore Aero Services.

As the temperature rose on that hot, 80-degree day in May, the skies gradually welcomed back all the attendees who arrived by planes. Tired families headed back to their weekend plans and had a chance to post their pictures and selfies on Facebook, and the hangar once filled with hungry aviators and the band, was swept and returned to service. The resounding feedback from all who attended was that this event was something they were glad they didn’t miss – unique in so many ways and such a welcome experience for all who were there. Kenmore Aero Services is clearly not the traditional FBO, they are a welcome sight at Boeing Field – one who engages with the community at large, supports planes and customers of all types and sizes, and enriches the community through their outreach and participation.

Keep looking for more information and notices for future upcoming events, you don’t want to miss them!

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