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Our Team

Kenmore Aero Services’ team shares a common passion for aviation, and genuine care for serving others.


Jeremiah Thorn

Line Service Supervisor

Having flown aircraft for “as long as he can remember,” Line Service Supervisor Jeremiah Thorn has grown up in the aviation industry. Six years ago, Mr. Thorn began logging those flight hours, and now holds a Private Pilot’s License ASEL. With his long-term goals of becoming an airline captain with an international air carrier, Mr. Thorn is already working on his advanced ratings. With an infectious smile, Mr. Thorn’s genuine passion to serve is immediately evident when he first meets others.


Justin Blackner

Operations Manager

As a current Reservist in the United States Air Force, Mr. Blackner’s disciplined yet welcoming, easy-going nature is inviting to customers of Kenmore Aero Services. With an Aviation Maintenance Degree from Utah State University plus Commercial Pilot ratings, Mr. Blackner epitomizes individual motivation, and leads the esprit de corps of Kenmore Aero Services. With several years in FBO Line Service in varied roles, Mr. Blackner was promoted to Operations Manager for Kenmore Aero Services in June of 2016.


Douglas Wilson

General Manager

As General Manager of Kenmore Aero Services, Douglas Wilson brings nearly 25 years’ industry experience in the field of Fixed Base Operations to Kenmore Aero Services. In addition to his role as General Manager, Mr. Wilson is also the President and Senior Partner of an independent FBO consulting firm, FBO Partners, which he formed in 2014. Prior to these roles, he was the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Galvin Flying Services at Boeing Field, at the time one of the largest independent FBOs in the country. Before to joining Galvin in 2006, Wilson worked for Signature Flight Support, the world’s largest network of Fixed Base Operations. Mr. Wilson also an active pilot, aviation writer and industry speaker.


Michael Luigs


A graduate of the University of North Dakota, an accomplished aviator and an active line pilot for sister companies Kenmore Air Harbor and Kenmore Air Express, Michael Luigs is the President of Kenmore Aero Services. Mr. Luigs, who holds multiple commercial ratings including helicopter and seaplane, grew up in an aviation family, having learned to fly from his dad. To be sure, his father today is one of the very few members of the unofficial “Flying Octogenarians Club.” In addition to his overwhelming passion for aviation, Mr. Luigs is an accomplished business owner, entrepreneur and land conservationist, having founded and “Land, Water, Sky” a Texas-based real estate firm specializing in large parcel ranch sales as well as sustainable conservation easements.